Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I must make myself clear. I generally don't have the habit of setting New Year Resolutions because I never fulfill them. This year however, I thought I should.

Now I have been through hell and back, emotionally that is, back in 2010. Yet somehow I managed to find forgiveness in my heart. In retrospect, 2010 wasn't a fantastic year for me. I have had my heart broken, became disillusioned about relationships, jaded by life and detached from people around me. So in 2011, I have only 3 resolutions.

1) Lead a healthier lifestyle
2) Be punctual for all my appointments
3) Rediscover myself

These 3 are of equal importance, and I hope I can achieve it. Especially the 3rd. I cannot go on living like this. I have moved on, but I lost myself in the process. Perhaps 6 months in Europe will do me some good. Travelling heals the soul.

Not all that glitters is gold,
Not all who wanders are lost.
J.R. Tolkein

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  1. Wish u all the good luck in your quest for the 3 things u resolve to achieve..