Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Tiger!

Now a year ago someone important came into my life. Before he was just wandering the streets, eating off what people give him. He sometimes sneaked into people's home in search of food. Yet he was loved by many. Yesterday marks the 1 year I am blessed with his company. Yesterday was a testament of how much he is loved by others, for many came to mark this remarkable day. Everyone, meet Tiger, my beloved friend.

For those of you who don't already know, Tiger was a stray before he lived with us. He was just a happy fat cat wandering the streets, until someone abused him. His face was scalded by hot water, and something stirred within me. I can't just leave him like that. I have to do something. So Sarah and I decided to bring him for treatment. The SPCA won't do jack shit, because they're just about as competent as those hooligans on the streets. No, this poor creature's comfort and life hangs on the balance. Handing it over to the SPCA is akin to gasing it myself.

So I brought Tiger home to nurse it back to health, while Sarah worked her magic and charm to bring in donation. Now one year on, you couldn't even tell he was abused before. People always told me that Tiger was lucky to have met us, but I'll say, we're lucky to have met him. Those big round amber eyes, that long swaying tail. That bulging tummy. This fat cat is truly the most handsome one I have ever met.

Here's a breakdown of who attended yesterday.

Shih Shun, Winson, Simon & Michelle, Pearlyn & Bobby, Cindy & Chee Keong, Sharon & Derrick, Yenyi, Keller & Jason, and Tiger's only feline friend, Curious.

There were others who wanted to come, but sadly couldn't.

Yet as joyous as it was, I have to mention that out there, there are many cats suffering. For the joy and comfort of one cat is accompanied by a hundred other cats' suffering. So to anyone who's reading this. Do keep an eye out for people who are sick in their head.

Happy Birthday Tiger! I'll always love you! (:

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