Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've been behaving rather weirdly lately. I need to get my act together.

Anyways in 9 hours time I will be heading to Brno, and 15 hours later I will be on a flight to Rome!

Italia, the one country I had always wanted to go. Wait for me, I'm well on my way.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Karlovy Vary

Finally finished watching Being John Malkovich. What a weird show. Anyway it's been a really hectic week. I haven't slept since Friday and I really ought to be in bed now, which I will be, after this entry.

So as you can already tell I was inspired to write a poem about a girl. It's always about a girl. Well this girl is different, she's exactly what I described to be in the poem and so much more. However I can't quite put my finger on what is special about her that attracts me to her. She is incredibly weird, maybe I am too, but the insane would appear sane to himself.

In case anyone wondered why I didn't sleep since Friday, allow me to explain briefly. I was invited by a Taiwanese friend to Strahov for dinner and met the last remaining low-profile Taiwanese here in Prague. Since he was nice enough to invite us to join them in her low-profile birthday celebration, I thought we return the favor by inviting them over for dinner the next day.

Next morning I received a text from Nuna Munhee, asking me out for hot chocolate, and to bring some friends. So I brought 3 and invited Nuna and her room mate over for dinner too. It was crazy. Dinner was to be at 6.30 and we were still out at 5. All went well though and I thought the night was finally over and I could rest before my trip to Karlovy Vary. Around 2330 I was invited to Nuna's room to drink, and at 2 in the morning we decided to party. So Patrick and I jumped out the window, literally and went back to change. To cut the long story short, I haven't slept until now.

Karlovy Vary was a boring place for us. Small town with only expensive hot spring baths. So we took to swimming. After searching all over for a reasonably priced hot spring spa, we gave up and went for Traditional Thai Massage. I will sleep now and feel the effects later.