Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy as a bee

Ty's been a busy bee these days. I met Jiayi for Saw VII on friday, which she found to be gross and I was enjoying all the gore, perhaps to the dismay of her. We then looked for a dress that she can wear today for a friend's 21st birthday. I must say girl, you look good in a dress!

I met her again yesterday evening, after I walked my fat cat and had late lunch with grandpa. I promised grandpa I will sleep over at his place and bring him the Hakka Assosciation this morning to collect his $80 angpow. Frankly only having 4 hours of sleep coupled with a near 3-hour bus ride is enough to make anyone sleepy. Didn't help when I went to visit my grandma around noon. The afternoon sun just makes it that much harder to fight back sleep.

So while Jiayi was doing her assignments yester-evening, I was trying my best not to distract her. So I brought along my 2 books, "I am a cat" which I have yet to finish, and "Great expectations" which I've only just started. I must say the older style of writing is confusing much, but Charles Dickens being such an amazing writer kept it interesting enough to read on. Unlike "The catcher in the rye" and "The great gastby" which bore the shit out of me. Classics are boring, but they are all masterpieces to be read.

Now it's time for me to fret over the impending release of my results this Tuesday and the excruciating wait for my visa's approval. Looking forward to this friday though! Wala wala with Jiayi. I must stress to my reader that she is not my girlfriend, but my partner in crime. Also note that our relationship is complicated and highly inappropriate, though not in the manner which peverted minds would imagine. As to where all this is going we will know in due time. As to what she makes of this I will have an answer by friday, though whether or not I will divulge it would depend on my mood, and mostly her answer. (:

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