Friday, January 14, 2011


I can't believe I've only just watched "City of Angels". It's a damn good show. It makes America seem more, tolerable. Not that I have been there, but I've always seen myself as a Europe person. It seems like love is the greatest power. It is with love that God created us. It is out of love that we come into being, albeit some are mistakes.

I don't believe love is a mere chemical reaction and can be explained by science. It cannot even be explained by religion. Though right now I'm out of it, I'm glad I had loved and was loved by someone. I do not know what the future may hold, but dear God, if you stumble upon my post please let me find myself. I need to find myself before I can find my significant other. Again, I hope my Europe trip will do me some good. Speaking of which, please let my visa be approved.

I feel like a poem right now.


The inescapable noise of city life
The distant sound of footsteps
The soft buzz of crickets
The deep breaths of my sleepy cat

To feel the cool wind upon my skin
To hear the silence of the night
To witness the pale beauty of the moon
To sing a gentle lullaby

I reminisce
I breathe
I thank
I live

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